Fuzzy Technology

Fuzzy Technology defines the fuzzy comparison of OCR reading results with existing database entries.

This modern software stands for a higher efficency of the input quality in manual post-processing.…>>

Multi Classifying

When taking a closer look at the individual sets of characters on documents, the user notices the differences instantly.

Because our employees use their know-how, they can choose the best expert classificator for each field.…>>

OCR Voting

At the OCR Voting two script classificators are used for one and the same text. The two different returned reading results are then united.…>>

mail processing

German companies consume several thousand sheets of paper daily, only to process the incoming mail. The efficiency of this procedure can be raised by implementing an optimized recognition software.…>>


Documents have to be distinguished by their contents:

• structured documents
fixed positions and consistent content
• semistructured documents
varying positions, consistent content • unstructured documents
varying contents and varying positions >>


ZF & Partner
Installed the Mailroom and "certificate of incapacity"-Reading
TBA Werthausen
Optimized the reading of cattle-earmark-documents
STUA Aulendorf
Improved reading of investigation requests
Erwin Müller
Taken invoice reader in operation
FormsRec 5.3 released
Taken AVD-document reading into operation




The PN-Consulting GmbH was founded in November 1999 by Dr. Peter Nachbar. Its emphases are implementing DMS (document managing systems) projects and consulting, especially in connection with the most modern OCR/ICR-technology (automatic Optical/Intelligent Character Recognition).

The offers of service are characterized by high flexibility at reaction and an exemplary quality. Its founder, Dr. Peter Nachbar - a leading actor in the OCR and DMS market for many years now, uses his personal knowledge for the good of the customers.

Based on these long-time experiences in the DMS- and OCR-market the PN-Consulting Gmbh carries out projects for system integrators and scan service providers alike and implements the following functions:

- automatic readout of structured and unstructured documents
- fuzzy database comparisons
- rule-based structural analysis of documents
- identification of forms

By implementing the intelligent character and document recognition, the process of data collection can be significantly improved and the scanned documens can be returned with more precise index information.